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VHSIC Description Language (VHDL) is outlined. VHDL is a proper notation meant to be used in all levels of the production of digital platforms. since it is either computer readable and human readable, it helps the advance, verification, synthesis, and checking out of designs; the conversation of layout info; and the upkeep, amendment, and procurement of undefined. Its basic audiences are the implementors of instruments helping the language and the complicated clients of the language.

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NOTE—Not all packages will have a package body. In particular, a package body is unnecessary if no subprograms, deferred constants, or protected type definitions are declared in the package declaration. 6 Package bodies A package body defines the bodies of subprograms and the values of deferred constants declared in the interface to the package. 425 package_body ::= package body package_simple_name is package_body_declarative_part end [ package body ] [ package_simple_name ] ; package_body_declarative_part ::= { package_body_declarative_item } 430 435 440 package_body_declarative_item ::= subprogram_declaration | subprogram_body | type_declaration | subtype_declaration | constant_declaration | shared_variable_declaration | file_declaration | alias_declaration | use_clause | group_template_declaration | group_declaration Copyright © 2000 IEEE.

A signature is said to match the parameter and the result type profile of a given subprogram if, and only if, all of the following conditions hold: 320 26 — The number of type marks prior to the reserved word return, if any, matches the number of formal parameters of the subprogram. — At each parameter position, the base type denoted by the type mark of the signature is the same as the base type of the corresponding formal parameter of the subprogram. Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved.

24 Copyright © 2000 IEEE. All rights reserved. LANGUAGE REFERENCE MANUAL 245 IEEE Std 1076, 2000 Edition 6—A subprogram containing a wait statement must not have an ancestor that is a subprogram declared within either a protected type declaration or a protected type body. 3 Subprogram overloading 250 255 Two formal parameter lists are said to have the same parameter type profile if and only if they have the same number of parameters, and if at each parameter position the corresponding parameters have the same base type.

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