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409) Capt. Fletcher led 22 P-51s (from all squadrons) on a (#400) 12 planes of the 382nd flew an AAP in the Nantes- sweep of the Reims area from 1720 to 2000. Patrolling from Rouen area from 1315 to 161 S. The pilots were in the zone 1755 to 1835, the 380th claimed 1-0 loco as a unit, plus 1-0 railcar (Lt. Sparer), 2-0 trucks (one by Fletcher and one shared by Lt. Evans and Lt. Robinson), and 0-1 flak tower. from 1400 to 1520 and claimed 5-8 horse-drawn vehicles near Louviers and 0-1 flak tower south of Elbeu.

163) Capt. Williams led 8 planes of the 380th on a P-47 escort from 0700 to 0900. RIV was at 0730 near Laval and the 32 The 363rd Fighter Group ill World War /I pilots provided top cover as the Thunderbolts made their at- Cherbourg area from 1245 to 1435. Ll. Williams aborted with tacks. The P-S Is were vectored several times but only saw B- an oil leak and the rest flew an unevemful patrol. l7's and B-26's. (#164) 8 P-51s of the 382nd flew an AAP in the Cherbourg area from 0943 to 1117. (#165) Ll.

Robinson (380Ih) ran out of fuel and crash-landed at Maupertus bUL was uninjured. The majority of pilots who landed elsewhere returned by 1815. /" GrOilp in World War II Argentan-Dreux area from 1455 to 1720. One pilot aborted and the rest flew an uneventful patrol. Also on this date, Lt. Fuller McCowan (381 st) returned to the Group. He had been MIA since August 9 but successfully evaded. (#394) Lt. Haynes led 12 Mustangs of the 380th on a P-47 cover from 1600 to 1750. Escort was given lO (he Vernon area without incident.

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