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By Ira Rifkin

75 those that replaced the area is an excellent, provocative number of brief biographies of reformers, students, martyrs and mystics – of many religions – who shook up spiritual idea and perform within the 20th century. the fast profiles make attention-grabbing examining – and, frequently, discovery – and the quotations and bibliographies following each one profile make this an excellent extra invaluable source. it truly is an admiring and instructive survey of influential religious practitioners and pioneers. a party of the human spirit, perfect for either seekers and believers, the curious and the passionate, thinkers and doers, seventy five those that replaced the realm is an authoritative advisor to the main artistic religious rules and activities of the previous century – a problem for us this present day.

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But it was stifling inside the cathedral. Its walls, ceiling, and icon screen that divided the congregation from the altar were resplendently covered with the Byzantine-style paintings of Jesus, Mary, and the saints so venerated by Orthodoxy’s theology of the image. The young man and his family sat in the first row of the nave, placed there to make it easy for the patriarch to bestow his blessings upon them. I had been traveling with the patriarch as a reporter, a non-Christian observer trying to make sense of a tradition I knew little about.

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