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By Steven D. Hales

A significant other to Relativism offers unique contributions from major students that handle the newest considering at the function of relativism within the philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technology, good judgment, and metaphysics.

  • Features unique contributions from the various best figures engaged on quite a few elements of relativism
  • Presents a considerable, extensive variety of present considering relativism
  • Addresses relativism from some of the significant subfields of philosophy, together with philosophy of language, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of technological know-how, good judgment, and metaphysics

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For now, it is important to register that a claim of form (iii) need not be part of a relativism committed to claims of form (i) and (ii). To summarize: relativism about a feature F requires claims of the form (i) and (ii). Now, the alert reader will notice that any of the claims made in (1)–(6) meet the necessary condition just outlined for “relativism about a feature”: relativism about the feature of it being 12 noon, relativism about the suitability of cars, etc. For all these claims are of the form (i) and support a corresponding claim of form (ii).

That it is true that p if and only if p – then relativism about any feature entails relativism about truth, and relativism about truth entails relativism about some feature. e. that if it is true that p, then p (but not vice versa) – then relativism about truth still entails relativism about some features, and relativism about any truth-apt feature still entails relativism about truth. 4. Defining Global Relativism Self-refutation objections are often directed in particular against global forms of relativism.

The main reason why relativism about truth deserves special attention, however, is that truth is conceptually connected to other features, and this creates also a conceptual connection between relativism about truth and relativism about other features. For any feature F, it is a conceptual truth that if it is true that a thing is F, then that thing is F. ” In fact, not everyone accepts the reverse entailment, for not everyone accepts that attributing a feature always yields a truth-evaluable claim or judgment.

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