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634)] into his lectures at Chicago [Heisenberg, 1930a, p. 50, Eq. (38)]. Bohr did not respond to the detailed contents of Heisenberg's letter until early in 1931 when the situation had changed drastically, as LeÂon Rosenfeld recalled nearly two decades later: When I arrived at the [Copenhagen] Institute on the last day of February 1931, for my annual stay, the ®rst person I saw was Gamow. As I asked him about the news, he replied in his own picturesque way by showing me a neat pen drawing he had just made.

636). (See Pauli's letter to Heisenberg, dated 18 January 1933, in Pauli, 1985, especially, p. ) In his published Handbuch treatise, Pauli wrote: At this point, however, the argument of Landau and Peierls contains an essential gap, since the emitted-radiation momentum and the emitted-radiation energy can be measured accurately. The change of energy and momentum of the charged [test] body caused by them therefore cannot be regarded just as an indeterminate change. Because of this the further consequences are connected with an essential uncertainty, and the question of the ®eld-strength measurement must be considered to be one that has not yet been clari®ed.

There may hardly be [any] imaginable facts of experience which will ®nally decide whether a process of nature is absolutely determined or partially determined in reality, but at the most they will decide whether one or the other view allows a simpler survey of the facts observed. Even to reach this decision a long time will pass. Because also with respect to the geometry of the world we have become less sure, since we grasped with Poincare our freedom of choice. (SchroÈdinger, loc. , pp. CI±CII) SchroÈdinger had expressed a similar view already several years earlier in a letter to Hans Reichenbach, dated 25 January 1924 (but published only in 1932).

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