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By Wang Fangzi and Nebojsa Tomasevic

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The customers for these bronzes were tremendous huntsmen and it was not distinguished for know the Thus evil things. the people, when they went among the rivers, marshes, hills and forests did not meet with the injurious things and the hill-sprites; monstruous things and water-sprites did not meet with them [to do them in the ideas of filial piety and also the cult of the ancestors. These bronzes rapidly ceased to be purely became, because of their temporal and part of an extensive funerary, ritual utilitarian spiritual and and power, a sacrificial world.

Height 19 at around 2000 bc). f*J/ The large number of pottery items found along the upper stretches of the Yellow River in the province of Gansu are from what is known "Yangshao of Gansu" Majiajao culture. as the culture or the Typical pieces are the large rounded water vessels decor- ated with strong geometric, reticulated or spiral motifs, and with broad mouths one or two handles. Sv^ j^y \r, — • E^^ Bk k fifl - - t /OvC ^r ii ^(1 s * V4> «, Top The painted jar right: is un- usual in having a constriction in the middle and parallel decorated with a motif of is lines, grids and circles.

Their masterpieces with a graphic sign or an emblem, and dedications also began to dedications were in general fairly short until Shang — a few words along the lines of: "To mother Wu", or "To my father Gui", "To my the end of the my principal grandfather Gao". These last two dedications were more frequent and they testify to the developments taking place sprites and made them, so that the people might Bronze craftsmen began to sign The virtue, those objects. All the objects bears, tigers) to be slain in a single day.

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