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By Philip Kennedy

Philip Kennedy argues that any approach which seeks to rejuvenate Christianity via repeating age-old doctrines and resisting far-reaching conceptual reconstructions is doomed. He proposes that conventional Christian theology needs to greatly swap a lot of its formulae and theses due to a mess of contemporary social, ancient, and highbrow revolutions. Kennedy deals a grand ancient sweep of the genesis of the trendy age, and covers all the appropriate debates, conflicts and controversies surrounding and informing this topic.

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35 Human history has undoubtedly been a tale of bloodshed and death. 36 Trying to reconcile belief in a benign Creator with human suffering has long been one of theology’s most intractable difficulties. In the twentieth century, Christianity was confronted with a new human invention: thermo-nuclear bombs. ’37 Hiroshima stands as a graphic symbol of humanity’s new-found ability to obliterate whatever it cares to on this planet. Previous generations of humans tried to destroy each christianity’s current predicament other, but never possessed the technologies thoroughly to do so.

Several of them will be met in the pages of this book. Considered as a whole, classical Christian theology is an attempt to provide an answer to what is frequently called the question of the meaning of life. For the philosopher Julian Young, From about the fourth to the eighteenth century Western thinking was Christian thinking. This meant that throughout this period the question of the meaning of life was a non-issue; a non-issue because the answer was obvious, self-evident, the topic completely sewn up by Christianity’s version of Platonism.

It is hamstrung by highly publicized sex scandals on the part of its supposedly holy and chaste clergy. It is bogged down in a host of intellectual impasses. It has lost its cultural hegemony in central Europe. In the capitalist and industrialized citadels of the west, it has lunged into a sociologically well-documented downward spiral of institutional detumescence. Fewer and fewer parents want their children to be initiated into the Church gathered to celebrate the memory of Jesus, the one called Christ – of whom more later.

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