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By Harold Stewart

A hundred and eighty web page tough hide e-book of Haiku poems and work. released by way of Charles E. Tuttle corporation in a primary variation present booklet in 1993.

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What then is the content of this theory and what are the political practices that it legitimates? Confucianism as a language of moral association that evolves across time is essentially conservative. (Metzger, 1977; Munro, 1977) Its emblematic exponents stress the transmission of a wisdom located in the past, handed down and refined or adapted by subsequent hands. Both Confucius and subsequent Han, Sung, Ming and Qing neo-Confucian reformers shared an essentially conservative vision of a past golden age of virtue and attempted to apply this vision to reform the present.

The sovereignty, rationality, and moral autonomy of the individual' (Zolo, 1992: ix. and chapter 4 more generally). 4. In the workplace, a minority presiding over companies and factories direct and control the working lives of producers. The economy is perhaps 'the decisive area of society's life' (Arblaster, 1987: 103), yet most firms are run by unelected and unaccountable owners and managers, and even governments feel relatively powerless in relation to great agglomerations of private economic power.

Res) George Yeo compared Singapore to a 'five star hotel' where residents might like to spend a vacation because the economic benefits are good but not a lifetime (Straits Times: 21 June 1991), and Dr Chee Soon Juan, acting Secretary General of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party, opens his political manifesto with a chapter on the gap between the rhetoric of communitarianism and the more individualistic reality in Singapore, arguing for measures that would lead to greater national cohesion (Chee, 1994: chapter 1).

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