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A. Sarasola et al. 18 Fig. 7. Screening charge density for proton (left hand side) and an antiproton (right hand side) plotted in the direction of movement. u. and the density parameter rs ¼ 2:07: The full DFT calculations (full line) are compared with the static case (dashed-dotted line). 3. 1. 3D electron gas For a slow ion with velocity v smaller than the Fermi velocity the stopping power can be formulated in terms of the scattering phase shifts at the Fermi energy. These are calculated by solving the radial part of Schro¨dinger equation for a statically screened spherically symmetric potential and must fulfill the FSR.

Trajectories of type 3 will undergo only large-distance ‘above surface’ collisions near the exit edge of the capillary and form hollow atoms/ions due to the electron capture from the surface. These ions can escape prior to hitting the wall and, hence, preserve the memory of the above surface hollow atom formation. In this contribution we focus on the third class of trajectories that will exit without experiencing charge transfer (trajectories of type 1 in Fig. 1a) and presents the dominant fraction of projectiles.

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