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Hooper observed it, the object had apparently ceased to move and was hovering over DT2942. Both observers report the fact that the object ceased movement, but differ as to the length of time of the hovering. Lt. Hooper estimates the time at 15 seconds while Lt. O'Neill reports the time to be approximately 1 to 2 seconds. "Lt. Hooper dipped the right wing of the aircraft for a better observation of the object. It began to move, accelerating in an east-north easterly direction and disappeared from sight in the haze as the T-6 ____ ____ in a 120 degree.

It is the opinion of this officer that these sightings represent another example of new technique in warfare under test by the enemy. Comment by D/I, FEAF Bomcom; it is assumed that there is still a very real possibility that these phenomena may very well indicate the presence of new enemy flare devices, despite the unit intelligence officer filing (sic) that such possibilities are ruled out. Aside from that, it is worth mentioning that the 98 wing commander was present during one of the subject interrogations, and warned the crew members as to their responsibilities in reporting such observations.

It was approximately 60 to 70 miles from us reaching to about 15,000 feet. "Since I was satisfied that is (sic) was only another cloud formation, I did not deem it necessary to contact a GCI station and busied myself with flying duties. I have enclosed a sketch of phenomena observed. Signed: Robert J. Arblaster The co-pilot, Captain William Leet prepared the following account of what he saw. "At 1855, 30 May 1952, we took off from Tachikawa Air Base on a Troop Carrier trip in C-54 #2452. I was co-pilot on the crew.

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