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Cooking ham) to Dept of State, 24 Oct 27 and 5 Jun 28, both in RG 84. 11 Advice and SlIpport: The Early Years, 1941 - 1960 French Colonial Troops in Saigon betweerz the World Wars. Party, the Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang. Known by its initials, VNQDD, the party was a clandestine organization of civil servants, teachers, small shopkeepers, and militiamen, loosely modeled on the Chinese Kuornintang. Its aim was nothing less than the expulsion of the French. 28 On 9 February 1929, members of the VNQDD murdered a Frenchman named Bazin, the director of the French labor bureau which recruited workers for French plantations in southern Vietnam and on the islands of New Caledonia in the Pacific.

5 14 . IElliott Roosevelt , As He Saw It (New York: D uell, Sloan and Pearce, 1946), p. 11 5. Fora discussion of Roosevelt's views on In doch ina, see Ga ry R. Hess, "Fra nklin D . Roosevelt and Indoch ina," /ollmnl of AmericfIIl H is/o ry 59 (Septe mbe r 1972): 353 - 68. sMemo, Presid e nt Rooseve lt fo r Secy of State, 24 Jan 44, Depa rtment of State, Foreigll Reln/iolls of III" United Sta les: The COllferellces al Cairo alld Tehrall, 1943 (Washi ngton, 1961), pp. 872 - 73 . ('Marv in R. Za hniser, Ullcertaill Frjelldshif): Alllericall-Frellc/l Reln/jOlls Through Ihe Cold War (New York: Jo hn Wiley Sons, 1975), p .

Future Plans for French Indochina, 28 Dec 44. Both in WO 203/433 1, SEAC records, Public Records Office (PRO). s. Military Intelligence Div, Rpt R3 ~ 45, 11 Apr 45, sub: Indochina Question, G - 2 ID files, RG 3 19. 290SS Rpt Yl-UKM-l, 15 Nov 44, sub: Conditions in Northern Tonkin, 15 Nov 44, G - 2 1D files, RG 319. JOlt Col Sa kai Tateki, "French Indo-China Operat ions Record," Japanese Mon ograph no. 25, p. 22, co~y in CMH. IRecent Political Developments in French Indo-C hina , 6 Apr 45, SR I-] - 095, records of Natio nal Security Agency, RG 457 .

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