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Read or Download Aircraft Hydraulics Manual - Ju-88 A-4 Werkschrift, Teil 9C, [Hydraulische Anlage] PDF

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21), is often used. The second form of the Froude number is therefore proportional to the ratio of fluid velocity to the velocity of surface water waves. The Froude number is generally a good similarity parameter for problems involving free surfaces where gravity waves can form, for example wave drag on moving surface vessels, traveling faster than wave speed. By contrast, the drag on a totally submerged vessel will scale on the Reynolds number. 5 A vessel moves through an area where deep water waves having a wavelength of 100 meters are present.

These two systems are the MLt (Mass, Length, time) and the FLt (Force, Length, time) systems. Both systems are related by the well-known equation of Newton: F = ma, each side of which has dimensions MLt' . Force is a derived quantity in MU systems, while mass is a derived quantity in FLt systems. An example of the MU system is the meter, kilogram, second (MKS) system where the unit of mass is the kilogram, the unit of length is the meter, and the unit of time is the second. The MKS system has been extended in recent years into an international unit system called the SI system (Systeme International d'Unites).

1 cm. The uniform annular space between the cylinders is filled with water at 20°C. The velocity distribution from tube to cylinder is given by: MECHANICAL PROPERTIES , V ( (or(l-a /r ) l-aVR2 2 x r ) = 27 2 where ω is angular speed of rotation in radians/sec, a is inner cylinder radius, and R is outer tube radius. a. What is the torque on the tube if the cylinder rotates at 10 revolutions per second (torque/area =μ dv /dr, area of cylinder = 2KRL)? b. What would be the torque if the fluid were SAE30 oil?

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