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The exciting tale of 1 of the main awesome figures in background. Recounts how Alexander ascended the Macedonian throne on the age of 20, overthrew his rival claimants, after which started arrangements for the day trip opposed to Persia. After defeating Darius, he proceeded to Egypt the place he based Alexandria, then became again into Asia, the place he subdued the main robust countries, and in a span of 11 years conquered just about all of the recognized global. yet, as his fortunes rose, his personality deteriorated, and he died suddenly on the age of 33. compatible for a while 12 and up.

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On the contrary, horses seem to love to yield obedience to man, when the individual who exacts the obedience possesses those qualities of coolness and courage which their instincts enable them to appreciate. ALEXANDER AND BUCEPHALUS At any rate, Bucephalus was calmed and subdued by the presence of Alexander. He allowed himself to be caressed. Alexander turned his head in such a direction as to prevent his seeing his shadow. He quietly and gently laid off a sort of cloak which he wore, and sprang upon the horse's back.

The inhabitants of this city were famed for their courage, hardihood, and physical strength, and for the energy with which they devoted themselves to the work of war. They were nearly all soldiers, and all the arrangements of the state and of society, and all the plans of education, were designed to promote military ambition and pride among the officers and fierce and indomitable courage and endurance in the men. These cities and many others, with the states which were attached to them, formed a large, and flourishing, and very powerful community, extending over all that part of Greece which lay south of Macedon.

Alexander was characterized by these qualities in a very remarkable degree. He was finely formed in person, and very prepossessing in his manners. He was active, athletic, and full of ardor and enthusiasm in all that he did. At the same time, he was calm, collected, and considerate in emergencies requiring caution, and thoughtful and far-seeing in respect to the bearings and consequences of his acts. He formed strong attachments, was grateful for kindnesses shown to him, considerate in respect to the feelings of all who were connected with him in any way, faithful to his friends, and generous toward his foes.

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