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[ historical and sleek faith and Politics: Negotiating Transitive areas and Hybrid Identities by way of ( writer ) Oct-2012 Hardcover

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Kinship Myth in Ancient Greece

In old Greece, interstate relatives, corresponding to within the formation of alliances, demands suggestions, exchanges of citizenshi, and territorial conquest, have been usually grounded in legendary kinship. In those circumstances, the typical ancestor used to be traditionally a mythical determine from whom either groups claimed descent.

Food, Cookery, and Dining in Ancient Times: Alexis Soyer's Pantropheon

"Tell me what thou eatest," Alexis Soyer declared in a well-recognized chorus, "and i'll inform thee who thou artwork. " In his ebook Pantropheon, initially released in 1853, the fancy Frenchman (and world's first big name chef) ventures to respond to that query as he offers a wealth of pleasing and enlightening info on what foodstuff the folks of historic civilizations ate and the way they ready it.

Egyptianizing Figurines from Delos: A Study in Hellenistic Religion

This ebook investigates Hellenistic renowned faith via an interdisciplinary learn of terracotta collectible figurines of Egyptian deities, commonly from household contexts, from the buying and selling port of Delos. A comparability of the collectible figurines iconography to parallels in Egyptian spiritual texts, temple reliefs, and formality gadgets means that many collectible figurines depict deities or rituals linked to Egyptian fairs.

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35 Phillips visits Waring’s and his wife’s graves, on the edges of Charleston’s Magnolia Cemetery. ”36 After leaving the cemetery, he thinks about Waring as he attends an African/African American festival in Charleston and speculates, given Waring’s life, on what home might mean in this modern world: The rhythms of Africa floating over Charleston . . Somewhere in the distance . . Sullivan’s Island. And before Sullivan’s Island? Africa. And the vessel’s European point of departure? Its home port?

26 The first thing to face, as Warren’s comment suggests, is that all are involved and implicated: all have been part of the structure, acting within it in both authorized and unauthorized ways. There are no innocent people here. The enemy, bound to us in every imaginable combination of relationship, is our intimate partner. In a structure in which we have been implicated, if not cooperative, whether consciously or not, in which self-definition goes on under even the most extreme circumstances, how do we break the victim-victimizer cycle?

55 Diaspora has generated the need for a new covenant, a renewed consensual association of previously unrelated persons who share an experience of suffering and survival, articulated in a variety of stories, and who take responsibility for each other’s stories in community. Toni Morrison ends her monumental novel Beloved with the image of putting stories side-by-side to become a “friend” of the other’s mind. In this image, homeplace is the space in which conversation is shared, in which confession is made, in which the witness testifies and is acknowledged.

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