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By Miriam Lichtheim

Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed mild upon the advance of various literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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His m~esty brought the gold for it from the land of Kry on his first victorious campaign of slaying vile Kush; the King of Uppcr and Lower Egypt, Nebmare. beloved son of Amen-Re; the Son of Re, Amenhotep. Ruler of Thebes. Another tnnple 11 Amun I made other monuments for Amun, whose like did not exist. I built for you your House-of-millions-of-years on the ground of Amcn-Re, Lord of Thrones-of-the-Two-Lands, called "Risen-in-truth," a splendor of fine gold, a resting-place for my father in all his feasts.

As I wear the white crown, As I appear with the red crown. As the Two LOI"ris have joined (20) their portions for me, As I rule this land like the son of Isis, As I am mighty like the son of ~ut, As Re rests in the evening bark. As he pI"cvails in the morning bark, As he joins his two mothers in the god's ship. As sky endures. as his creation lasts, As I shall be eternal like an undying star, As I shall rest in life like AtumSo as regards these two great obelisks. Wrought with e1ectrum by my majesty for my father Amun, In order that my name may endure in this temple, For eternity and everlastingness.

The rays of (10) Alen being upon him with life and health for the renewal of his body every day. Oath spoken by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt who lives by Maat. the Lord of the Two I ,ands, Neferkheflrnre, Sole one of Re; the Son of Re who lives by Maat. the Lord of crowns. Akhenaten, great in his lifetime, given life forever: . As my father lives, Re-Harakhti-who-rejoices-in-lightland In-hi~-name­ Shu-who-is-Atm. who gives life forever, and as my heart rejoices in the great royal wife and her children, and old age be granted to the great royal wife, NeJer-neJru-aten Nefertiti, living forever.

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