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By meshorer ya'akov

Exam of the cash of old Israel from forty B.C.E. via four B.C.E.

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2004. uk/schools/romans/ Martell, Hazel Mary. The Kingfisher Book of The Ancient World. , 1995. 47 INDEX Africa 6, 12,13, 32 amphitheaters 20 aqueducts 9, 20, 21, 32, 34 Arno River 8 Augustus Caesar 15, 26 Black Sea 9 British Isles 6 Byzantine Empire 6 Carthage 11, 12 Christianity 39 Circus Maximus 22 Constantine I 17 Constantinople 17 Diocletian 17 Etruria 8, 9 Etruscans 7, 8, 9, 37 Europe 6 forum 20 Greece 9, 12 Hadrian, Emperor 16, 30, 36 Hannibal 12 Italy 11, 12, 41 Julius Caesar 14, 15 Marcus Aurelius 16 Mediterranean Sea 5, 6, 11, 31 Middle East 6, 39 Nero 34 Palatine Hill 7, 8 patricians 10, 27, 28 Persian Gulf 6 Phoenicians 9, 11 plebeians 10 Punic Wars 11, 12 Romulus and Remus 8 Sicily 7, 12 Tiber River 5, 7, 8, 41 Tuscany 8 Vatican City 40 Katherine E.

33 NERO’S HOME Emperor Nero’s Golden House was several buildings, not one. His home was surrounded with parklands, farms, forests, and vineyards. Rich and elaborate pavilions were connected by porticos. Greek sculptures were in the gardens. Pipes in the home sprinkled guests with perfume, and rose petals drifted down from ivory ceilings on diners. Cold water ran down stairs and out drains on floors to cool the inside air. Romans adopted the Greek style of buildings. Temples were surrounded by columns and connected by a covered walkway, or portico.

E. The emperor Hadrian builds a wall across England. E. Marcus Aurelius is emperor. E. Barbarian invasions and civil wars begin. E. The emperor Aurelius builds a wall around the city of Rome. E. Diocletian is emperor. E. Dedication of city of Constantinople. E. The Roman Empire is split into two parts, east and west. E. The last Roman Emperor of West Roman Empire is overthrown by Germanic tribes. E. E. E. E. E. E. E. Rome is founded. Rome ruled by Etruscan kings. Romans drive out the Etruscans and set up a republic.

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