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By Stephanos Matthaios, Franco Montanari, Antonios Rengakos

The quantity goals at investigating archetypes, ideas and contexts of the traditional philological self-discipline from a old, methodological and ideological point of view. It comprises 26 contributions by means of prime students divided into 4 sections: the traditional students at paintings, the traditional grammarians on Greek language and linguistic correctness, old grammar in old context and historic grammar in interdisciplinary context.

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Own best interpreter (no matter what wa� the exact formulation and to whom we owe it) . �tarchean exegetical practice. � , wherein studying and understanding a text is important and valid in its own right, and the objective is to correctly recon�truct and preserve a piece of historical evidence which ha� intrin�ic value (for Homeric criticism, the nature and character of TO 'O IlTlPIK6v) . e. � unsuited to its poetics, or condones the idea of seeking within the work meanings that are quite alien to it in terrn� of cultural background, spa­ tial location or time.

From the point of view of later scholar­ ship, there are two important (and related) a�pects to this. � made to admit that 'experts' in particular crafts are better judges of 'technical' material in Homer than are rhapsodes; the terunai from which Socrates draws his Homeric material are prophecy and seercrafi:, arith­ metic, medicine, charioteering, fishing, and generalship . 6-7 (economics, public speaking, general�hip, kingship, charioteering and medicine) sug­ gests that claim� for such Homeric omniscience were nothing new.

S . 69; PalL� . 7; App. B C 4 . 1 3 . 1 04; Polyaen. Slrat. 2, exc. Jul. Cest. 1 . Paradox. incred. 1 1 ; I E. Med. 1 1 72. Syn­ on)'lnic 'lTTo ITJ i� another definition of panic: Plut. Is. Osir. 356D8; Ona�. Slrat. 5 navlKCr Kai 'lTTolas; I Theocr. 5 . 1 4-6. �ens 1 962, 299 n. 7 1 , Hector explains the fires in the Greek camp a� evidence of their intention to escape. Fleeing armies commonly employed the stratagem of lighting fires to sinlulate activity throughout the camp and thus divert the enemy from their true aim: cf.

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