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It is pure potential. Your yoke,Yoga or Yogi does not have to be an individual that you worship. Your Yoga is your essential place, your union, where you join and become one. Through exercise, it will grow. You are Yoga, spirit and pure potential. I am Yoga. I am spirit. I am pure potential. 22 A w a re n e s s o f s e l f a n d o t h e r s In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Pliny the Elder, Roman savant (23 AD – 79 AD) Natural History We must learn not to expect certainty.

We continually make choices and we tell ourselves stories about what happens in our lives. Until we realise how thoroughly we are the architects of our experience of our lives, we are at the mercy of others and of the circumstances. Until we confront and come to terms with the fact of our mortality, we cannot truly live. Until we realise that what we tell ourselves and what we put into and do with our bodies, is the major determinant of how we feel, what we think and how happy and healthy we are, we are living a lie.

To stay centered, we need to continually be aware of what we are doing and accept it. I am centered. I am aware of and accepting of what I am doing. I am connected to, conscious and aware of my Self no matter what is happening around me. 28 A w a re n e s s o f s e l f a n d o t h e r s No one can give you better advice than yourself. When we make a decision, however, we cut off certain possibilities. That is why decisions are sometimes difficult to make. Although it is true that decisions are in some ways an ending, they are also a beginning.

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