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By C. P. Lewis

The most recent quantity within the sequence concentrates, as continually, at the part century prior to and the century after 1066, with papers that have many interconnections and variety throughout other forms of background. there's a specific specialise in church background, with contributions on an Anglo-Saxon archiepiscopal handbook, structure and liturgy in post-Conquest Lincolnshire, Anglo-Norman cathedral chapters, and twelfth-century perspectives of the tenth-century monastic reform. different issues thought of contain social historical past (the Anglo-Norman family), gender (William of Malmesbury's illustration of Bishop Wulfstan of Worcester), and politics (the sheriffs of Northumberland and Cumberland 1170-1185). the quantity is done with articles on Domesday e-book and the post-Domesday Evesham Abbey surveys, and a double paper on land tenure and royal patronage. members: STEPHEN BAXTER, JOHN BLAIR, HOWARD CLARKE, TRACEY-ANN COOPER, HUGH DOHERTY, PAUL EVERSON, DAVID STOCKER, KIRSTEN FENTON, VANESSA KING, JOHN MOORE, NICOLA ROBERTSON, DAVID ROFFE

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In a famous passage in Domesday Book and Beyond, Maitland suggested there was a category of property set aside for the use of earls: he called them ‘comital manors’. He reasoned that the enormous wealth of the 13 Vinogradoff, ‘Folkland’, 11. See also P. Vinogradoff, The Growth of the Manor, 2nd edn, London 1911, 142–3, 244–5, 247. 14 F. W. Maitland, Domesday Book and Beyond: Three Essays in the Early History of England, new edn with foreword by J. C. Holt, Cambridge 1987, 244–58; F. M. Stenton, Anglo-Saxon England, 3rd edn, Oxford 1971, 306–12.

Kelly, II, pp. 335–6 essays compromise. The Domesday entries for Ducklington and Yelford are GDB 158b1, 160a1, 161a1 (Oxon. 28/20; 45/1; 59/6). 73 S 853 (Charters of Burton Abbey, ed. P. H. Sawyer, Anglo-Saxon Charters 2, 1979, no. 24). 74 For Ælfwine scriptor, see S. Keynes, The Diplomas of King Æthelred ‘The Unready’, 978–1016, Cambridge 1980, 135–6. For the debate on the late Anglo-Saxon ‘chancery’, see the literature listed in Keynes, Anglo-Saxon England: Bibliographical Handbook, 147–8. 75 GDB 157b1, 160b2 (Oxon.

The first two texts thus prove that bookland was not the only form of royal patronage. Of course, this does not mean that all folkland was in the king’s gift: merely that some of it was. Indeed, the third and fourth texts seem to envisage that all land was either bookland or folkland, and that these were mutually exclusive categories; and the fourth text establishes that folkland could be held by other lords besides the king. Much else is controversial. 12 Writing in 1893, Vinogradoff rejected this interpretation, arguing that ‘folkland is land that is held by folkright .

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