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x f; E [o, 1].

In MATLAB column values are separated by space or comma and row values are separated by semicolon. Matrices can also be used to define other matrices. Thus, the previous matrix x could also be defined as: X= [ 11 2 i 3 I 4] i » X= [ [ 1 2] i [ 3 4] ] i » X= [ [ 1 j 3] 1 [ 2 j 4) ) i » One can confirm that the matrix has been defined as intended, by typing x after the prompt, and obtaining: X = 1 3 2 4 The same result could be obtained by removing the semicolon terminating the previous command. In MATLAB a semicolon inhibits the production of screen output.

We will learn how to establish confidence intervals based on sample statistics (sample mean in the above example) and on appropriate models and/or conditions that the datasets satisfy. 14 I Introduction Let us now look in more detail what a confidence level really means. 2 we were dealing with a random sample extracted from a population of a very large number of students, attending the course and subject to an examination under the same conditions. Thus, only one random variable plays a role here: the student variability in the apprehension of knowledge.

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