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By Hans Kamermans, Martijn van Leusen, Philip Verhagen

The Netherlands is likely one of the few nations in Europe the place background specialists and land builders use predictive modeling to prevent destroying destiny archaelocial websites, even if many students think about the applying for this function hugely arguable. The members to Archaeological Prediction and threat Management provide an outline of many of the equipment of predictive modeling and evaluation how the types are, or can be, utilized by stakeholders in cultural history administration within the Netherlands.

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It is obvious that the Minister will designate the RACM as government body that will have to be brought in by the RIVM. The RACM should develop into a knowledge institute equal to the RIVM but then for the monument, landscape and archaeology policy. This Dutch state institute would be responsible for the scientific underpinning of the monument, landscape and archaeology policy in the Netherlands and would also provide the information and monitoring of this selfsame policy. An important part thereof should be the testing of the quality of the archaeological predictive models, because these models form the basis of the execution of archaeological investigations in the Netherlands.

Provincial archaeologist of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. 12 33 4 - The high price or the first prize for the archaeological predictive model The IKAW is the best-known archaeological predictive model in the Netherlands and was designed by the archaeological knowledge centre of the state, the RACM (Deeben et al. 1997). At present, the authorities are mainly using version 2 of this predictive model (Deeben et al. 2002). Recently a third version has been published (Deeben 2008). In a short time, the IKAW has had far-reaching consequences for spatial planning in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, we feel it is an issue where recent scientific research in especially predictive modelling and archaeological survey has come to a stage where we can actually start to implement the desired objective decision-making criteria in practice. In order to do so however, we will first have a look at the concept of risk in archaeological heritage management. We can look at risk from two different angles: first of all, it can mean the risk that archaeological remains are destroyed without any form of intervention.

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