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If he saw dust, he grabbed my hair and said, “You are lying,” and he grabbed my hair and took me to the bedroom and beat me several times. He always told me I didn’t work very well and beat me. The first time I ran away, I was [in a shelter]…. They were all runaways, with the same problems as me, their sponsors beat them. I stayed there for one week and my husband came and a police officer asked me to go with my husband. The police told me to go with him because they only knew that he was my sponsor, they thought that I was his maid….

One employer said, There is a social cost and a financial cost [of the fees paid to hire a domestic worker]. I am an employer of a maid, driver, and a cook. I do not let my maid out. I will take her out with my family. But if she goes out alone, she may go with a foreign man, and get pregnant. 106 These fears are neither an acceptable justification for restricting women’s movements, nor based on a realistic assessment of risk. 107 Human Rights Watch reviewed several cases of domestic workers who became pregnant as a result of rape.

He said, “There are bad aspects. The girl is lost in the agency system. A. Res. N. GAOR Supp. (No. N. Doc. A/45/49 (1990), entered into force July 1, 2003, art. 8. Saudi Arabia is not party to either convention. N. Doc. 2/1985. 51 Human Rights Watch interview with Fawzi Al-Dahan, March 10, 2008. 52 Human Rights Watch interview with Dr. Ghazi al-Qusaibi, minister of labor, Riyadh, December 3, 2006. 27 Human Rights Watch July 2008 redeploys her…. Why are agencies interested [in this proposal]? Because there is a big bracket of a high-income expat population.

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