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This development has been quickened by the politicization in recent years of the judiciary, the civil service, the police and military. The new political powers accorded the judges in the military’s 2007 constitution require them to appoint half of the Senate, the upper house of Parliament, as well as members of supposedly apolitical bodies that deal with elections and corruption. Public confidence in the integrity of the courts has sagged since they began delivering judgments that have seemed tailor-made to please the government and the elite groups that sustain its authority.

Thai academics who have been researching corruption reported recently that private companies awarded state contracts have had to pay on average 5% of a project’s value in kickbacks in order to secure the contracts. They identified bureaucrats, politicians, the police and army as the most corrupt groups. Earlier the National Counter-Corruption Commission calculated that graft had siphoned off more than US$700 million from government funds in one single year although that amount covered only losses from the direct embezzlement of funds and property.

03 To what extent do you perceive corruption to be a problem affecting the following institutions? 37 How effective is the system at prosecuting and punishing individuals for corruption when abuses are uncovered? 70 How serious is the government about fighting corruption? 16 How tolerant are average citizens of corruption? 10 Page 30 ASIAN INTELLIGENCE March 23, 2011 Issue #823 Political & Economic Risk Consultancy, Ltd. How widespread is the problem of bribery by private sector parties? 70 To what extent does corruption detract from the attractiveness of the overall business environment?

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