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By Brooke S. Blades

Drawing facts from a vintage area for Paleolithic learn in Europe, this ebook explores how early smooth people received lithic uncooked fabrics and analyzes the various usage styles for in the community on hand fabrics in comparison with these from a better distance. The writer locates those styles inside an ecological context and argues that early smooth people chosen particular mobility innovations to accommodate alterations in subsistence environments.

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The frontal and sagittal sections intersect at a right angle; the face of each section was excavated back approximately 50 cm. The excavations along each face were subdivided horizontally in meter-long units numbered 1-9 (frontal) and 50-61 (sagittal). Additional ancillary units were also excavated (Delporte 1984a 1984: 13-20). 9). Nevertheless, the following summary reveals a far more intricate sequence than that envisaged by Peyrony (Laville et al. 9. North (frontal) section at La Ferrassie. Redrawn from Delpone (1984:Figure 5).

Ethnographic models have been invoked to support arguments for both direct and indirect acquisition of lithic materials. Binford (1979; Binford and Stone 1985) interpreted procurement within a model that emphasized subsistence ecology, one that is related to his personal ethnographic studies and to the model of hunter-gatherer mobility discussed previously. Raw material procurement I2 CHAPTER 1 was viewed as "embedded" in more fundamental aspects of basic subsistence schedules (Binford 1979:259).

Excavations of the deposits were undertaken during the 1930s by Elie Peyrony, son of Denis Peyrony. A more extensive excavation effort was directed by Henri Delporte of the Musée des Antiquités Nationales from 1955 through 1960. A grid of meter-square units was established and the locations of artifacts within the squares were recorded as the strata were removed in natural layers. 4). 4. Excavation plans, Le Facteur (after Delporte 1968:Figures 13 and 18). 5): Levels 1-3: Levels 4-7: Levels 8-9: Levels 10-11: Level 14: Level 15: Level 16: Level 17: Level 18: Level 19: Level 20: Level 21: Level 22: recent overburden limestone fragments and soils (few artifacts) Perigordian Vc—Noailles Perigordian Vc—Noailles Perigordian?

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