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By Ana C. Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo

As a key part of the elemental Spanish sequence, simple Spanish for buying alongside is a communique handbook designed to serve those that search uncomplicated conversational talents in Spanish. Written to be used in semester or three-quarter classes, it offers daily occasions that scholars may possibly stumble upon whilst touring or dwelling in Spanish-speaking international locations or whilst facing Spanish-speaking humans within the usa. simple SPANISH for buying alongside introduces crucial vocabulary and gives scholars with possibilities to use, in a large choice of useful contexts, the grammatical constructions offered within the corresponding classes of the elemental Spanish center textual content. whilst utilized in mix, uncomplicated Spanish and simple SPANISH for buying alongside create an ideal introductory dialog classification on the university point or in grownup schooling periods.

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In Spanish-speaking countries, children, teenagers, and their parents do many things together, including going to parties. This practice generally is more common than it is in the United States. 1 porque because L ECCIÓN 3: N AVIDAD EN G UATEMALA 43 Nombre Sección Fecha ■ Familia generally means extended family, and includes not only the nuclear family but also all relatives. Family ties are very strong in the Hispanic world. ■ The word salsa, meaning “sauce” refers to the Caribbean music with influence from jazz.

8. En una fiesta, ¿tú bailas o conversas? ¿Bailas bien? 9. ¿Tú bebes cerveza, champán o refresco? ¿Bebes ponche? 10. ¿Tú vas a estar en tu casa mañana? 11. ¿Tú asistes a muchas conferencias? ¿Son aburridas? 12. ¿Estás cansado(a) ahora? ¿Cómo lo decimos? Complete the following, using the Spanish equivalent of the words in parentheses. 1. ¿Cómo ustedes? ¿Bien? 2. Mis amigos a la fiesta porque © 2011 Heinle, Cengage Learning 3. Nosotros fiestas los sábados. 4. Las fiestas en el club. 5. Mis primos L ECCIÓN 3: N AVIDAD (are) los viernes.

Ana desea tomar té frío. V F 7. Ana no paga la cuenta. V F 8. El restaurante no acepta tarjetas de crédito. V F 9. Ana deja una propina. V F V F 10. Ana regresa a la pensión a las dos y cuarto. VOCABULARIO Cognados el cheque la fruta el minuto el restaurante el té el (la) turista las papas fritas French fries la pensión boarding house la propina tip el queso cheese la sopa soup la sopa de verduras vegetable soup el té frío (helado) iced tea las verduras, los vegetales vegetables Nombres el agua mineral mineral water el bistec steak el cheque de viajero traveler’s check el helado de chocolate chocolate ice cream el helado de vainilla vanilla ice cream el hielo ice la papa, la patata (Spain) potato Verbos aceptar to accept dejar to leave (behind ) desear to wish, to want pagar to pay regresar to return tomar to drink 14 B ASIC S PANISH FOR G ETTING A LONG © 2011 Heinle, Cengage Learning Audio Nombre Sección Adjetivos blanco(a) white caliente hot frío(a) cold frito(a) fried mixto(a) tossed (ref.

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