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By Tim Whitmarsh

How new is atheism? even if adherents and competitors alike this present day current it as an invention of the eu Enlightenment, whilst the forces of technological know-how and secularism widely challenged these of religion, disbelief within the gods, in truth, originated in a much more distant previous. In Battling the Gods, Tim Whitmarsh trips into the traditional Mediterranean, a global virtually unimaginably diverse from our personal, to get well the tales and voices of these who first refused the divinities.

Homer’s epic poems of human striving, travelling, and fervour have been historical Greece’s in basic terms “sacred texts,” yet no historical Greek idea two times approximately wondering or mocking his tales of the gods. clergymen have been functionaries instead of resources of ethical or cosmological knowledge. The absence of centralized non secular authority made for a rare number of views on sacred issues, from the devotional to the atheos, or “godless.” Whitmarsh explores this kaleidoscopic diversity of rules in regards to the gods, targeting the colourful people who challenged their life. between those have been the various maximum historical poets and philosophers and writers, in addition to the fewer popular: Diagoras of Melos, might be the 1st self-professed atheist; Democritus, the 1st materialist; Socrates, finished for rejecting the gods of the Athenian kingdom; Epicurus and his fans, who suggestion gods couldn't intrude in human affairs; the brilliantly mischievous satirist Lucian of Samosata.

Before the revolutions of past due antiquity, which observed the scriptural religions of Christianity and Islam enforced through imperial may well, there have been few constraints on trust. every thing replaced, besides the fact that, within the millennium among the looks of the Homeric poems and Christianity’s institution as Rome’s nation faith within the fourth century advert. As successive Greco-Roman empires grew in dimension and complexity, and tool was once more and more centred in vital capitals, states sought to impose collective non secular adherence, first to cults dedicated to person rulers, and finally to monotheism. during this new global, there has been no room for outright disbelief: the label “atheist” was once used now to demonize a person who only disagreed with the orthodoxy—and so it should stay for centuries.

As the twenty-first century shapes up right into a time of mass details, but in addition, sarcastically, of collective amnesia in regards to the tangled histories of religions, Whitmarsh offers a bracing antidote to our assumptions in regards to the roots of freethinking. via shining a mild on atheism’s first thousand years, Battling the Gods deals a well timed reminder that nonbelief has a wealth of culture of its personal, and, certainly, its personal heroes.

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