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By Mohamed Sami Anwar

The quantity makes an attempt to house equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and their distant constitution. during this specified monograph Mohamed Sami Anwar oes to teach that equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are derived from underlying sentences that experience transitive or intransitive verbs and that the verb be in its overt shape is just a annoying marker. The bankruptcy following the creation offers with the equational sentences functioning as conveyers of stative rules. The 3rd bankruptcy offers with the verb be in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and the way it features merely as a stressful marker. The fourth bankruptcy is an research of choice as regards the topic and why often times the predicate, on the floor constitution, has to happen ahead of the topic. the ultimate bankruptcy bargains with the predicate slot and its different types of fillers, and analyzes additionally the distant constitution of the equational sentences to interpret the phenomenon of the presence and shortage of contract in quantity and gender among the topic and the predicate.

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Huwwa ʕāwiz yitxarrag 'he wants to graduate c. huwwa ʕāwiz yitwaẓẓaf mudarris. ' mudarris. a nation forms a problem. 'be' in cases of subordi­ Let us consider the following sentences : (99) biPizn illāh yukūn mawgūd bukra. with God's permission he be present tomorrow. a mawgūd bukra. I want him he be present tomorrow. a in sentences (99) and (100) have the prefix yi- which indicates simple present. (cf. B4, p. 2) 38). These verbs can show number and gender: (101) a. ' b. iznillah tukuni mawguda bukra.

Are two morphemes and not one. This proves that they For example, I can say: (29) ʕirā? adīm. ahsan min ʕirā? ' In sentence (29) ʕirā? 'Iraq' is used without the definite article as it occurs as the first noun in the possession construction. ilʕirā? adīm. aḥsan min ilʕirā? ' It seems that the use of the definite article with the THE SUBJECT OF THE EQUATIONAL SENTENCE 53 above-mentioned proper nouns is arbitrary. ), etc. are also among the definite subjects that do not have the definite article.

At the surface structure the subject of an equational sentence is the noun phrase that precedes the predicate. Some of these subjects may be introduced into the position of the subject by transformations (to be shown in Chapter V ) . 0 Determination and The phrase structure is based on the analysis Fillmore (1967). I will suggested by Fillmore: the subject: expansion rule for NP used here of Postal (1970) and that of use the following configuration 46 THE VERB "BE" IN EGYPTIAN COLLOQUIAL ARABIC N, as Fillmore suggests, is the decisive context as fol­ lows : a) If N is represented by a lexical noun, the Det is a "determiner in the usual sense", as Fillmore puts it.

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