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By Brevard S. Childs

This ebook is an exellent selection for each severe pupil of Biblical Theology. the writer presents a large view of the idea that, plus supplies a truly balanced perception at the present versions to method Biblical Theology. This publication would certainly be an excellent addition in your library!

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In sum, it seems hard to question that Irenaeus was indeed a biblical theologian. Moreover, he has raised a variety of critical hermeneutical problems which are fully relevant to the modern debate. First, he established, once and for all, the centrality of the concept of the Christian Bible which is to be sharply distinguished from the frequent modern designation of the Bible as the Hebrew scriptures plus a New Testament! Secondly, he offered a theocentric focus to the Bible external to the faith in terms of what God has done and is doing which does not find its unity merely in an ecclesiastical construal.

During several decades M. Goshen-Gottstein has appealed to Jews to develop a theology of the Hebrew scriptures, ofTanakh, but he has remained quite isolated in his programme. A more traditional Jewish approach is reflected in E. E. Urbach's extensive study of the theology of the rabbis in which he often traces the biblical roots of later rabbinic tradition. Again, J. Neusner has dealt with certain biblical topics such as the purity laws of the Pentateuch as a background to the subsequent growth of the tradition.

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