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By Cédric Villani

In 2010, French mathematician Cédric Villani bought the Fields Medal, the main coveted prize in arithmetic, in popularity of an explanation which he devised together with his shut collaborator Clément Mouhot to provide an explanation for essentially the most remarkable theories in classical physics. Birth of a Theorem is Villani's personal account of the years major as much as the award. It invitations readers contained in the brain of a very good mathematician as he wrestles with an important paintings of his career.
But you do not have to appreciate nonlinear Landau damping to like Birth of a Theorem. It does not simplify or overexplain; relatively, it invitations readers into collaboration. Villani's diaries, emails, and musings enmesh you within the means of discovery. You subscribe to him in unproductive lulls and late-night breakthroughs. you are aware of the dining-hall conversations on the world's maximum learn associations. Villani stocks his favourite songs, his love of manga, and the innovative tales he tells his young children. In arithmetic, as in any inventive paintings, it's the thinker's entire existence that propels discovery--and with Birth of a Theorem, Cédric Villani welcomes you into his.

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Between local positivity estimates for hypoelliptic equations and the kinetic Fokker–Planck equation in Riemannian geometry, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy during these long Japanese nights. * * * OPTIMAL TRANSPORT AND GEOMETRY Kyoto, 28 July–1 August 2008 Cédric Villani ENS-Lyon & Institut Universitaire de France & JSPS COURSE OUTLINE (5 lectures) • Basic theory • The Wasserstein space • Isoperimetric/Sobolev inequalities • Concentration of measure • Stability of a 4th-order curvature condition Statements will usually be given, but occasionally elements of proof as well.

Plasma physicists have long been used to the idea of Landau damping. But as far as mathematicians are concerned, the phenomenon remains a mystery. In December 2006 I was visiting Oberwolfach, the legendary institute for mathematical research deep in the heart of the Black Forest, a retreat where mathematicians come and go in an unending ballet of the mind, giving talks on every subject imaginable. No locks on the doors, an open bar, cakes and pastries galore, small wooden cash boxes in which you put payment for food and drinks, tables at which your seat is determined by drawing lots.

Things now seem rather promising. fr> Subject: Re: update I’m pretty sure that section 5 in its present form is wrong!! The problem arises after the phrase “In assigning powers and factorials”: the line that follows seems OK, but in the formula a bit further on the indices don’t match up (N_{k-i+1}/{k-i+1}! ought to yield N_k/k! ) The result seems much too strong. It would mean that in composing by an approximation of the identity the same index for the analytic norm is preserved. I think we’ve got to aim instead at something like \|f\circ G\|_\lambda \leq const.

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