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By Tanya Huff

Whilst a pack of werewolves is chanced on on a London, Ontario, farm, Henry Fitzroy, a Toronto-based vampire and author of romance novels, calls upon deepest investigator Vicki Nelson to aid him hint the path of destruction to the killers. unique.

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Blood Trail (BLOOD SERIES)

While a pack of werewolves is came across on a London, Ontario, farm, Henry Fitzroy, a Toronto-based vampire and author of romance novels, calls upon inner most investigator Vicki Nelson to assist him hint the path of destruction to the killers. unique.

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Thanks again, Ms. Nelson. " She watched Henry walk Rose to the door, warn them to be careful, and return to the living room. The look on his face rerouted the accusation of high-handedness she was about to make. " Both red-gold brows rose. "My friends are being killed," he reminded her quietly. Vicki felt herself flush. "I'm sorry," she said. " "I know. " She forced herself not to sound sullen. She shouldn't have had to be reminded of that. " His expression softened. "You need to be needed and they need you, Vicki.

She let her head drop down against the sweaty leather of the seat and sighed. " "Maybe," the cabbie agreed, turning around with a gold-toothed grin. "You wanna be a moving idiot? " Vicki glared at him. "Huron Street," she growled. "South of College. " He snorted and faced forward. " The cabbie's muttering blended with the sounds of the traffic, and all the way down Bloor Street, Vicki could feel Henry's gaze hot on the back of her neck. It was going to be a long night. The tape ended and Rose fumbled between the seats for a new one with no success.

I promise. " "Bring that Henry Fitzroy with you. " Vicki grinned. Henry Fitzroy and her mother. That might be worth a weekend in Kingston. " "Why not? What's wrong with him? " Okay, so he died in 1536. It hadn't slowed him down. "He's a writer. He's a little . . " She could almost hear her mother's brows rise. " "I'm not dating boys anymore, Mom. " "You know what I mean. Remember that young man in high school? I don't recall his name but he kept a harem. " "Soon," Vicki agreed, rescued the towel again and hung up.

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