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By Barbara Bell, Helen Forte

Обучение на Английском
This user-friendly Latin direction for 7-10 yr olds combines a uncomplicated creation to the Latin language with fabric at the heritage and tradition of Roman Britain. hugely illustrated, the ebook features a mix of tales and myths, grammar causes and routines, and heritage cultural info. students are drawn into the fabric as they examine the lives of a kin residing in a neighborhood at Vindolanda the adventures of the kids and the kin cat and mouse supply curiosity all through. in addition to supplying a full of life advent to Latin and classical stories, Minimus additionally has cross-curricular relevance.

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It! WORDS TO REMEMBER quis? who? prope near circum round sub under super on top of ������1'ill Remember! Prepositions tell in in/on pro in front of ad to e away from fessus/fessa tired us the position of somethin g. You loo k lovely Pandora is helping Lepidina to dress. Lepidina is wearing a tunica (long dress). To keep Lepidina warm, Pandora also puts on her palla (shawl) and fastens it with a brooch. C;o iv'c-, mate-vI '(;I 0m pvbhvo e-C;. lW'1 WORDS TO HELP gratias tibi ago I thank you capillamentum wig capilli hair aures ears unguentum lip gloss gemmae jewels quam quam although diu for a long time A Roman d ressing table.

I " t�1 WORDS TO HELP discumbe! lie down Dcuios aperi! open your eyes impone! put it on tris per diem three times a day consume! eat bis per diem twice a day gratias agimus thank you The doctor at Vindolanda might have used some tools like these. The palettes and mixing tools were used to mix eye medicines like Flavius's ointment. The scalpels were used in operations. The doctor might have used the hooks for pulling out tonsils! If we see a doctor, he or she tells us what to do to get better. The doctor at Vindolanda did the same for Flavius.

Redi! ) If you want to give a command to more than one person in Latin, you add -te to venite! (veni + te) come! (more than one person) = the end of the command. This is called the plural form. $ i m o chci� ($imon says) This game will help you to remember the command words. Your teacher will give you some orders. If she says Simo dicit followed by an order, you must do as she tells you. If she doesn't say Simo dicit first, do nothing! Listen carefully, because she will try to catch you out! She will use the plural form of the Latin commands when she talks to the whole class.

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